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Vis Island is a pristine natural landscape covered in forests, fruit orchards and vineyards. A former army base, the island did not attract tourists until the 1990s, and unlike Hvar it has no nightclubs or big hotels. But the army did leave behind interesting military buildings and structures which you can explore. Vis has lovely beaches and is a great place for cycling and hiking.


The oldest town on the island is Vis town, where you can see Greek and Roman ruins as well as a 16th century palace and churches. Kozima is a little fishing village dating from the 12th century with pebble beaches and a 17th century church. From Kozima you can get a boat to Bisevo Island, a tiny area with fascinating sea caves including the amazing Blue Grotto. There is also an 11th century church on the island. There are lots of lovely pebble or gravel beaches on Vis Island, but make sure you visit Stiniva Bay, a beautiful beach almost enclosed by cliffs. You can get to it by boat, or drive and take a 20 minute walk down a rocky path.

Other places to stay & visit

  • Hvar Island

    Hvar Island has history and culture with warm and friendly locals welcoming their guests. 

  • Vis Island

    Vis is the furthest island from the mainland, with clean waters and a naturally beautiful island.

  • Korcula Island

    Korcula Island is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic and hosts various events throughout the year. 

  • Lastovo and Mljet Islands

    Both islands sport dense forest, natural surroundings and some stunning walks to fulfil that need for the great outdoors.

  • Brac and Solta Islands

    Less visited by tourists, these authentic islands offer rocky landscapes and gorgeous swimming spots. 


Hire a dinghy or kayak and explore the little coves and bays around the island. There are lots of cute pebbly beaches and some bigger bays great for swimming and water sports. You can also get a boat to nearby Bisevo Island to see stunning underwater caves and go diving to admire the beautiful sealife. Take a tour of the abandoned military buildings and underground passages on the island, left over from when it was an army base. One of the most interesting is an old submarine pen in Smokova Bay, which you can go inside or jump off if you’re brave. With some great vineyards on the island, you can take a wine tour and sample the local tipple. Cycling is a great way to explore the island, and you can take guided tours or follow a trail. With plenty of forests, hills and mountains you can find some great places to hike to for good views of the surrounding area. You can also do rock climbing and free climbing.


The prettiest beaches are Stoncica Bay and Zaglav, gravelly beaches good for swimming. There are other little coves and bays around the island including the beautiful Stiniva Bay.

  • Stoncica Bay

  • Stiniva Bay

Food and wine

Further from the mainland than the other Dalmatian Islands, Vis virtually has its own supply of seafood, with many restaurants serving traditional mediterranean seafood dishes. Anchovies are a local favourite, as is lobster. Figs are grown on the island and used in desserts and savoury dishes. Try the local wines Vugava and Plavac, and visit the vineyards to see how the wine is made.