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Primošten and Rogoznica are adorable marina towns, both built on islets connected to the mainland in the southern Šibenik Region. Primošten is known for being picturesque, and having great wine and nightlife. Rogoznica is a favourite stop for people on sailing holidays, with a lovely marina and plenty to do.


On an islet 28km south of Šibenik, connected to the mainland by a small sandbank, Primošten is an absolutely charming little town with great beaches, wine and nightlife. Take a walk on the seaside promenade around the islet to see fantastic sea views, and climb the narrow streets to the 15th century church on the top of the hill for a view of the town. Primošten has a great marina, Kremik, useful if you’re getting around by boat, with plenty of berths. Primošten also includes the forested Raduča peninsula with beautiful beaches Raduča and Mala Raduča. For a naturist beach, head to nearby island of Smokvica. Take a wine tour - Primošten is famous for its Red wine grape Babić and it you can go on tasting tours at some of the large vineyards. Primošten is also a great place to come to party with Aurora Club, the largest and one of the most famous nightclubs in Dalmatia. It has two floors, restaurants, outdoor terraces, a swimming pool and numerous dancefloors. Primošten also hosts numerous cultural festivals such as the Primošten Fiesta in August.

Other places to stay & visit

  • Sibenik and Vodice

    Vodice is a popular tourist destination, historic and bustling with restaurants, bars and local life.

  • Skradin and the Krka National Park

    With the Krka River running through both, these areas of Sibenik contain natural beauty, they must be visited. 

  • Primosten and Rogoznica

    These fairly small towns are historical with plenty of things to see and do as well as great traditional dishes to try.

  • The Sibenik Archipelago

    Almost untouched by tourism, these beautiful islands are best explored by boat. 


  • Primošten from above

  • Rogoznica


A small former fishing town spread across an islet, the mainland and a peninsula, Rogoznica is a haven for sailing enthusiasts and nature lovers. The Marina Frapa has lots of room for mooring boats, and there’s a lovely seaside promenade where you can admire the array of yachts sailing by. Make your way up to the 17th century church for a panoramic view of the area. Rogoznica has a great choice of beaches including pebble stone and paved, with some big public ones, and small hidden ones. There are also dense pine forests which you can explore and go hiking or walking. Just over the hill from the marina is Dragon’s Eye lake, a sea water lake surrounded by sheer cliffs, which legend has it was created by an angry dragon. There are lots of spots to jump into the lake, and it is a popular swimming spot for locals and tourists.


Charter a yacht or private boat to explore nearby islands and the Šibenik Archipelago, just north of Primošten. You can also sail all the way from Primošten up the Krka River to Skradin and Krka National Park. The park is worth a visit for its stunning waterfalls, lakes and rivers.

  • Spiny lobster

  • Prosciutto, a local speciality

Food and Wine

There are about 50 restaurants and taverns in Primošten. One of the specialities is Primošten spiny lobster. Further inland you can also find some great restaurants including lots of local specialities like prosciutto, olive oil, lamb etc. If you’re a wine connoisseur you must taste the local Primošten babić red wine, made from local grapes grown in rocky areas. You can do a wine trail, and visit some of the vineyards which make babić wine. Rogoznica also has a good range of restaurants which serve similar local fare, including seafood and pizza.