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If you’re looking for natural and secluded spots away from the crowds, but not far from the action, visit the islands of Mljet and Lastovo. Just north of Dubrovnik, and south of Korčula, the islands are unspoilt, yet have enough infrastructure for tourists to find accommodation, restaurants and activities. Both islands have an air of mystery - a mythical Greek king may have visited Mljet, and Lastovo is rumoured to have been inhabited by vampires in the 18th century.


A wild paradise, Mljet is home to a national park, lovely swimming spots and tiny villages. Almost half of the island is a protected national park which has two inland salt water lakes, perfect for swimming or kayaking. Kayak to a tiny islet in the middle of one lake which has a Benedictine monastery on it. You can also walk or cycle along marked paths through the lush greenery and take in the views. Venture to the village of Babino Polje to find the Odysseus cave, which is where legendary Greek king Odysseus sheltered after being shipwrecked. The best beach on the island is Saplunara, a pristine beach sheltered by pine trees. Blace Beach is also nice for swimming, and popular with naturists. Mljet is a good place for scuba diving - you can see a 10th century shipwreck, a German World War II torpedo boat and underwater walls. Visit Mljet’s tiny villages to find small restaurants, hotels and markets.


Other places to stay & visit

  • Hvar Island

    Hvar Island has history and culture with warm and friendly locals welcoming their guests. 

  • Vis Island

    Vis is the furthest island from the mainland, with clean waters and a naturally beautiful island.

  • Korcula Island

    Korcula Island is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic and hosts various events throughout the year. 

  • Lastovo and Mljet Islands

    Both islands sport dense forest, natural surroundings and some stunning walks to fulfil that need for the great outdoors.

  • Brac and Solta Islands

    Less visited by tourists, these authentic islands offer rocky landscapes and gorgeous swimming spots. 

  • Pokland Carnival

  • Lastovo


This secluded little island is one of the furthest from the mainland, and is part of an archipelago of 46 islands. Having been a military outpost in the past, it only recently became attractive to tourists. Visit just before Lent to see the Poklad Carnival, where a straw puppet is led through the town on a donkey, then burned at the stake in the town square. Vampires are rumoured to have roamed the island in the 18th century, with many superstitions around how they affected the locals. Lastovo and its surrounding islands have a nice choice of little beaches and coves including Zaklopatica Bay and Skrivena Luka bay.


Saplunara and Blace beaches on Mljet. Zaklopatica Bay and Skrivena Luka bay on Lastovo.

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Food and wine

Mljet fishermen supply a lot of Dubrovnik’s seafood, so the island is a great place to try lobster and various types of fresh fish. Specialities of Lastovo are spiny lobster and local Maraština wine.