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Dubrovnik is the most popular destination in Croatia, and one of Europe’s finest cities. Its beautifully preserved city walls and fabulous old architecture are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, having survived multiple attacks and bombings over the centuries. Despite being a very famous tourist attraction, the Old Town is still a living, breathing town and many locals still live permanently in it.

You can walk along the walls and watch the sunset, or explore the narrow cobbled streets and have a romantic meal. It’s not hard to see why the area is used as a location for filming the Game of Thrones TV series. The vibrant city always has something going on, with regular festivals and cultural events. From Dubrovnik you can also visit the stunning Dalmatian Islands, the Elafiti Islands, Bosnia and Montenegro.

Other places to stay & Visit

  • Dubrovnik City

    Built at the foot of a mountain, Dubrovnik is Croatia's most popular tourist destination.

  • Peljesac Peninsula

    A traditional and wonderfully undeveloped region, you'll be welcomed by vineyards, olive groves and charming villages.

  • Cavtat Town

    Full of rich vegetation, Catvat Town is an attractive place full of old and new architecture.

City activities

Take your time to wander around the Old Town. You can walk along the city walls, take a guided tour of the town or check out the main street, Placa, often thronging with tourists or a local parade. Watch the sun go down over the sea from the rocks outside the city walls, if you can find one of the tiny doorways leading out onto the rocks. Catch a gondola up above the city to Mount Srd for a fabulous view of the Old Town, the sea and the islands. With Dubrovnik becoming a popular location for film crews, you can take a walking tour of the locations where Game of Thrones was shot around the city. If you need to cool off, head to one of the nearby beaches like Banje Beach for a swim. You can also hire kayaks or other sports equipment to enjoy the sea.

  • Godola ride

  • Game of Thrones filming location

Culture and nightlife

Dubrovnik is a cultural hub, with regular festivals, theatre and music performances as well as art galleries and exhibitions. The Dubrovnik Carnival is just before Lent and involves parades, costumes, and balls. The biggest event of the year is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival which lasts most of July and August with nightly concerts. There are some exotic bars and nightclubs to try out in the Old Town, including one perched on the outside edge of the city walls overlooking the sea. Outside the Old Town, Banje Beach and the Lapad Peninsula have a good selection of nightclubs. But if you really want a crazy time, head to the island of Hvar.

Day trips from Dubrovnik

  • Elafiti Islands - Of this archipelago of 13 forested islands, only three of them are inhabited. You can take a day cruise around them on a replica of a traditional galleon ship, or take a ferry and explore on your own.

  • Lokrum - You can kayak to or take a water taxi to this lush uninhabited island, used as the location for the port of Qarth in Game of Thrones. Make sure you take a picnic, as there are no shops or restaurants at all. You can relax on the beach or swim in the inland salt water pond, Mrtvo More.

  • Montenegro - Take a bus or an organised tour over the border to see the beautiful walled town of Kotor and the beaches of Herceg Novi.

  • Bosnia - Take a tour to the lovely old town of Mostar with its superbly reconstructed 400-year-old bridge, from which tourists and locals leap 24m into the river below.

  • Konavle Region - At the southern tip of Croatia, most of the region is covered with fruit orchards and vineyards, with lots of little villages built into the sides of the hills. You can take organised tours or hire a car and explore at your own pace.

  • Vineyards in Konavle Valley

Food and wine

Dubrovnik has an enormous range of dining options, from traditional Mediterranean food and seafood, to all sorts of international cuisine. With such a huge demand for seafood, you need to make sure the restaurants you choose are serving fresh fish rather than frozen.


  • Banje Beach

  • Lapad Beach

  • Copacabana Beach

  • Lokrum Beach


Dubrovnik was formed in the 7th century and at its peak in the 15th century, it was almost as rich and powerful as Venice. The Old Town dates from the 11th, 15th and 16th centuries and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of its well-preserved and restored city walls, old churches, palaces and fountains. But it has seen a lot of difficulties. An earthquake in 1667 destroyed some of its Renaissance architecture and it was rebuilt in Baroque style. The Old Town was damaged again in the 1991 War of Independence when many people died and more than 500 buildings were hit. A $10 million rebuild helped it get back on its feet and back to its former glory. Take a walk along the top of Dubrovnik's iconic city walls, first built in the 12th century, and imagine the medieval and modern wars they have witnessed. Walk along to the Minčeta Tower, the highest point in the city with amazing views. Also check out the 17th century Rectors Palace and museum, and Lovrijenac Fort - an 11th century fortress used as the Red Keep in Game of Thrones. For church enthusiasts, there are 17 of various ages in the Old Town.

  • Minčeta Tower

  • Dubrovnik City Wall


You can fly to Dubrovnik’s international airport from the UK and catch a bus into the centre of the city. There is a city bus network outside the Old Town.